First off I had to find the meaning of a back-link which I did at …

What is a back link? A back-link is a link on another website that leads to your own blog or website. Why is it important to get backlinks? Finding back links is important for search engine optimization, also known as, SEO.

The more links that lead to your site will equal more traffic and readers. The more quality backlinks you have, the higher your site will rank in the search engines. Also, if you want to increase traffic to your site then you will need to build backlinks. It is also important to get good, quality backlinks. Google does not raise your page rank if most of your backlinks come from spammy-type sites. The higher the rank of the site that links to you, the better “link juice” you will get. Ultimately, Google will rank your blog or website based upon how many good, quality backlinks you have that relate to your topic.

When you have a higher page rank you will rank higher in the search engines.
It is estimated that 70% of the criteria used by Google to determine what web sites rise to the top of their listings is the quantity and quality of the back links. And that makes sense. If hundreds or thousands of websites think you rate a mention, you must be doing something right.

Google relies on the voting public and rewards you by pushing your site to the top of the search results.

Back links allow your site to stay connected with other existing sites. They provide the needed traffic for your site’s popularity and ranking. Take a look at how you can create strong back links to your website that will boost your chances in the dynamic world of search engine optimization.
With link building we can get good back links to your website.  How? Through book marks, directories, forums we can get good back links.

 So just do link building for your website

This article  about article directories and blog directories seemed pretty easy to read and very informative to assist a newbie like me with the importance  of how to acquire and  “how to”  acquire back links to my website using blog directories. I still haven’t had time to  keep up with articles in my own profession of interior design and preventative maintenance and carpentry and cabinetry, much less  what I need to learn regarding this subject.

 I find it all so mind boggling or should I say mind blogging!

Readers that agree with me that SEO should mean Seeking Every Opportunityand are new to this foreign language of  Internet marketing, traffic, links, blogs, and time consuming research for accurate blog posts, please write me a note  on my blog.

I would love to start a conversation.  Maybe  exchange links, who knows what may come of asking for help on this electrical universe!