Fall Home Maintenance Checklist:
☐ Check you dryer’s vent for build-up lint and clean out to prevent a fire

☐ Clean windows, sills, and baseboards

☐ Check electrical receptacles, windows, & doors for air leaks

☐ Schedule service on furnace

☐ Replace air return filters,

☐ Drain sediment from the water heater, check pan and plug

☐ Clean coils behind the fridge and pan underneath for debris and dirt


☐ Clean exterior glass on windows

☐ Cover your air conditioning unit and tie down to protect condenser

☐ Clean, repair and seal driveway holes & cracks

☐ Clean and apply sealer to decks & doors. Check thresholds and bottom of doors

☐ Drain hoses and shut off outdoor water valves before the first freeze

☐ Clean, oil, and replace broken summer garden tools

☐ Empty dirt from flowerpots and garden containers and clean before storage

☐ Clean, cover & store outdoor furniture, cushions, and grills

☐ Schedule chimney sweep for fireplace inspection

☐ Inspect and repair window & siding caulking

☐ Clean gutters of leaves & debris, check down spouts

☐ Inspect your roof & remove fallen twigs, branches, & leaves


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