After a long time of not posting I am continuing  to learn about blogging, SEO, posting, platforms, and driving web traffic or just some readers to my website.  I found this post from # which I found helpful.  I know I will continue to plod along, tripping myself up by over thinking and  being way to right brained, but I continue  and thank goodness still desire to learn the WEB of Confusion.

blogging mistakes
As quoted from this post, there are 6 things interior designers do wrong on their web sites:


1. Publically invisible – there are a lack of quality inbound links to your website;

2. Picture rich, Word poor – insufficient content/information on your web site, instead you have too many nice images;

3. Gorgeously bland – if you changed the name of your company on your web site to that of your biggest competitor would anyone really notice? Do you share their language? When you write in media-speak you do not differentiate your company from anybody else. You are marketing yourself in the same way as everyone else, if that is true then you are trying hard to be average!;

4. Lost in space – your site should be easily navigable, leading visitors from one thoughtful insight to the next breathtaking interior  (or at least to the contact page). On several interior designer sites I have visited the first page presented has no obvious form of navigation to suggest where to go next;

5. Even the IT guy got confused – lack of meta-tag and headings, too much flash-content that search engines cannot see at all; and

6. Hide and seek – lack of search functionality. Without search on your site you are making it as hard as possible for your potential customers to find what they want. They will be used to using a search engine for finding information – just like you are.

In addition I have learned these other mistakes interior designers make on their blogs –

  • NOT building an email list.  Get the direct connections from your readers, how to do this?  I am not sure what is the most effective way, but certainly using an existing client list would be a good start, joining forums and sharing information that develops relationships.
  •  I have learned it is import to EDUCATE, share your knowledge, and pass on useful TIPS.
  •  Being consistent.
  • Building Backlinks.

I welcome anyone who reads this post to send me a comment and share what you have learned as you grow along the WEB of confusion.