While on my continued search for understanding SEO and weeding out the unnecessary noise,  I came across http://fiverrway.com/700000-free-backlinks/ an interesting site that actually offers back links.  Now, I am not sure this is a scam or not.  I am so new to all of this and barely crawling I may be getting into something I shouldn’t.

Anyway, I still would appreciate any advice on the best way to begin to really understand this new way of communicating.   Actually, it isn’t a new way at all is it.  For hundreds, even thousands of years humans have used the written word to communicate.  I think I just have difficulty hearing myself in my  head and making it come out correctly, with good grammer and writing technique.  I see so many poorly written, twitter slang’n words out there that I cannot figure it out.   Maybe we baby boomers need our own short cuts, emoticons and slang that only we understand. Remember those days when we had our coded vocabulary like pig latin a backwards speak to keep the adults from knowing what we were saying to each other.  Wellitway isway ikelay atthay, eway oomersbay eednay ourway ownway
omputercay anguagelay atthay eway
understand     wayithoutway allway ethay ortenedshay urlway eakspay ofway ethay idskay


SEO, the little term that is the Power House of websites

S  earching  E  very O   pportunity