PF Flowers : Porcelain Fantasy Flowers

Porcelain Fantasy Flowers (aka PF Flowers) are unique, one-of-a-kind porcelain clay creations. Individual stems begin at $8 each. They are handmade by me and my clay-mate, Fern Carter. PF Flowers is a play on words: Patricia Scott is the “P” and Fern Carter is the “F” – coincidentally they form our initials for Porcelain Fantasy flowers. We developed porcelain flowers because we both have the creative need to make individual, one of a kind clay pieces. The result are these beautiful flowers, each placed in stoneware or porcelain clay pots that we hand build or throw individually on the potter’s wheel. We go through an arduous process which includes building each flower, bisque firing, hand painting each stem in under glaze, and then firing a second time to over 2000 degrees.