Interior Design and Custom Carpentry

A Team Approach by Tom & Patricia Scott

Why have an Interior Design Carpentry Remodeling Team?

Your home or business is an expression of who you are. It reflects elements of your personal or professional style and should also function as a delightful experience.  To create a great interior space: colors, textures, lighting, flooring, furniture, paint, wall coverings, kitchen and bath fixtures, custom built furniture, cabinets, and space planning are a few of the decisions that must be made.  We help you make these important choices.

As a DESIGN TEAM with years of knowledge, experience, education and our access to a wide range of quality products, services, and trades we  guide you through the often overwhelming flow of decisions of the design process.

Let us help turn your visions into a reality by creating a beautiful interior space that will add lasting value and beauty to your home or small office. With our guidance and in-house subcontractors and carpenters, you avoid costly mistakes such as down time of “no show” workers.You can be assured of making the right decisions.  We also provide you access to ”Trade Only Resources” not readily available to the public.

Contact us for your Interior Design and Custom Carpentry quote today. We find it best to meet new clients on Saturday mornings, by appointment. We will provide you timely quotes and solutions to your design challenges. Call (770) 333-9683for a consultation. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you

– Patricia and Tom Scott


Carerra Marble, Venetian mirror & cabinets; entire bath built by Tom Scott

Specialty Carerra Marble, Venetian mirror & cabinets; entire bath built by Tom Scott